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Sri Durga Malleswara Educational Society was established in 2007 with the objective of reaching the zenith in the field of education. NRI College of Pharmacy, started in 2007 and NRI Institute of Technology, started in 2008 are the result of such sincere and dedicated efforts and stern determination of the founders of the society. NRI Institute of Technology is an AICTE approved Institution affiliated to the JNTUK which functions as a private self financing institution to cater to the needs of juvenile aspirants in and around Vijayawada. The promoters of NRIIT started the college with a vision to empower the students with vibrant technology, sensitively matured and innovative to face the challenges of real time global experiences. The founders are socially conscious and continuously responding to the needs and requirements of the region, to uplift the region and to promote educational facilities by establishing schools, to promote games and sports activities in the region, help the poor and improve their health standards by organizing free medical camps etc., Since the day of inception, NRIIT has been growing at a credible but steady pace for an educational institution of its kind. Both NRIIT and NRI College of Pharmacy have been taking a place of pride every year JNTUK results are announced. NRI College of Pharmacy had recently added a feather to the crown of the Society by successfully placing its first out going batch of dynamic young pharmacists in various esteemed Organizations.


The immediate enticement that allures one's eye after reaching the campus is its presence amidst the wide spread rural setting of serene and natural surroundings with plenty of lush green mango orchards. The institution is an implicit paradise of pure, pristine nature and idyllic beauty untouched by the devil - pollution. It adds refreshing and aesthetic fragrance to the consecutive fruits of success. The eco- friendly green patches energize the mood of the students and make learning highly enjoyable. The ambience indisputably befits scholastic pursuits.


The central title of the Institution on the globe is resplendent of the infinite wide spread of knowledge, performance and services of our students across the countries - crossing all boundaries from end to end. The phrase crowning the globe demonstrates the intention of placing our students at the greatest heights possible.


NRI campuses are situated in an extensive and spacious 20 acres of serene and natural surroundings well planned and comprehensive for both students and faculty. The well-equipped state-of-the-art labs in all disciplines are a touchstone to this fact. The institution has been putting in lakhs and lakhs of rupees to maintain and acquire improved versions of instruments to keep abreast the emerging trends and applications and to empower labs on par with its increasing student intake.


Pothavarappadu (V), Via Nunna,
Agiripalli (M), Vijayawada Rural,
Krishna District.


(+91) 0866 - 2469666
(+91) 9390686868 / 9490336868

Email : nrihitech@rediffmail.com